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The Essex Fells School PTA thrives to work together with parents and teachers to help make the Essex Fells Elementary school experience be the best it can be. We organize, facilitate and support a host of events and services to supplement the Essex Fells Elementary School.


  • Welcome Back to School Cocktail Party- We host (along with the EFFEE) an annual welcome back to school cocktail party that is hosted at a parents’ home. The party is a great way to catch up with parents after the summer and meet new families.  This is a fun and social way for us to start the school year off.

  • Volunteering Events at School- Parents can be involved by helping at school events such as our annual Pumpkin Hunt, Holiday Shop, Egg Hunt, Family Fun Night, the All School Olympics, Class Parents, Green Thumb, Book Fairs, library and more!

  • School Lunch Program- The PTA organizes the entire school lunch program so that our families can enjoy an option beside packing lunch each day for their children. Parents can volunteer each day to assist and hand out lunch to the children.

  • Daily Drop Off and Rolling Pick Up- Parents assist with the daily drop off and rolling pick up which allows for the arrival and dismissal process for our families to be safe and quick.

  • School Supplies- The PTA organizes school supply drive each year to make it easier for parents to get supplies and to help all kids have everything they need for class each year!

  • Monthly PTA Meetings- These meeting are focused on promoting communication about what is happening at the school and working together to meet our initiatives. We assist new parents with getting situated in the school if need be. There is always a Teacher Representative at this meeting.



  • Holiday and End of Year Gifts- The PTA coordinates an annual collection and distribution of Holiday Gifts and End of the year gifts for the teachers so that each teacher receives an equal gift regardless of how big their class size is.

  • Teacher Appreciation Week- The PTA organizes events daily during Teacher Appreciation Week which ends with a luncheon hosted at a parents’ home.

  • Teacher Discretionary Fund- Teachers are provided with an annual discretionary fund that allows them to buy supplemental items needed throughout the year for their lesson plans.

  • Teachers Wish Lists- Teachers are encouraged to apply annually for our Teacher Wish Lists program. This is a larger ticket item that is not usually covered by the standard school budget.


School Support

  • Security Upgrades: The PTA has contributed to various security upgrades that have been installed throughout the school.

  • Kitchen Upgrades: Plans are in place to upgrade the school lunch service area.

  • Stage Projector Project- A new projector and screen were purchased and installed on the stage to be used during the variety show, school play, and school assemblies.

  • Technology Improvements: The PTA is committed to supporting the BOE with its various technology improvement projects.  

  • The Whittle- The PTA annually purchases pieces of “The Whittle,” a large, indoor gym equipment used for physical education classes.

  • Book Fair- Our annual book fair raises funds for our school library. 100% of the funds made from the book fair are given to the school to use for the betterment of the library.



The PTA organizes several fundraisers throughout the year to assist with the above initiatives.  Some of the fundraisers we have done include but are not limited to:​

  • Annual Spring Fundraiser: an event featuring live and silent auctions, which include children’s artwork made in class. 

  • Mums sale

  • Spirit wear sales

  • Brick sale- We host a brick sale that parents have the opportunity to purchase a brick with their child’s name on it to be placed in bricks in front of office.

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