Committees and Current Members


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Class Parents

2 volunteers per class are selected to help coordinate parties, chaperone field trips, prepare class project for the Spring Fundraiser and assist in other PTA events


Green Thumb

Volunteers help plant/water flowers and shrubs around the school grounds.  Also help decorate for the holidays



Volunteers assist in the library during school hours.  You can arrange to volunteer at the same time your child attends library


Easter Egg Hunt

Volunteers help coordinate the egg hunt for grades prek-1.  This event occurs one day in April for 1 hour during school hours


Safety Pickup


Volunteers help run the car line from 3:00pm-3:15pm.  You may volunteer for 1 or more days.


Book Fair

Volunteers help setup, run and take down the Fall Book Fair.  This event is the same night as "Back to School Night" during school hours and night.


Family Fun Night

Volunteers help organize a designated night of fun activities for families


Holiday Gift Shop

Volunteers help purchase wish-list items, where students are given the opportunity to make purchases for kids in need.  This event typically 1st week in Dec during school hours.


Mum Sale

Volunteers help sort and/or deliver mums.  This activities occurs 1 day in Sep during school hours



Volunteers help plan various events throughout the year including: welcome breakfast, cocktail party, teacher appreciation breakfast and many more.


Pumpkin Hunt

Volunteers help coordinate the pumpkin hunt for grades prek-2.  This event occurs 1 day in Oct for 1 hour, during school hours



Volunteers provide food and help manage the refreshment table during the Olympics.  This event is one entire day in June during school hours


Safety Drop Off


Volunteers help run the car line from 8:25am-8:35am.  You may volunteer for 1 or more days.


School Supplies


Volunteers help sort and organize supplies ordered for the new school year.  When: 1 day towards the end of the school year


Membership Dir - Ashley Moran & Ed Lavezzo

School Apparel - Gabrielle Steiner

Special Projects/Bricks - Karen Milano

Sunshine Fund - Lindsey Mazzara

Yearbook - Sandra Oubina

PTA website - Cindy Mehta

Facebook website - Nicole Skopak


To join one or more committees, contact the chairperson(s).

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